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The uncertain glory of APRIL.

The tumour necrosis factor ( TNF) family is intimately connected to the regulation of cellular pathways. A PRoliferation-Inducing Ligand (APRIL) is a rather new member of that family, named for its capacity to stimulate the proliferation of tumour cells in vitro. Subsequent publications also called this ligand TRDL-1 or TALL-2, respectively. APRIL and B-lymphocyte stimulator (BLyS; also termed BAFF, TALL-1, THANK, zTNF4) form a new subfamily of TNF-like ligands that are expressed in haematopoietic cells. Both ligands can bind the two members of the TNF receptor family, namely the transmembrane activator and calcium modulator cyclophilin ligand interactor (TACI), as well as B-cell maturation antigen (BCMA). BLyS has recently been the subject of several reviews (for an extensive review, see Mackay et al.). The present review will thus focus on APRIL, and discuss BLyS only briefly for the sake of clarity.[1]


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