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Molecular characterization of chicken growth hormone secretagogue receptor gene.

Synthetic growth hormone secretagogues stimulate growth hormone secretion by binding to a specific receptor, growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHS-R). In this study, we investigated the cDNA and the genomic structure of chicken GHS-R. Chicken GHS-R gene is composed of two exons separated by an intron. Two GHS-R mRNA species, cGHS-R1a and cGHS-R1a-variant (cGHS-R1aV) are generated by alternative splicing of a primary transcript. cGHS-R1a protein is predicted to have seven transmembrane domains by a high degree of amino acid sequence identity with mammalian and teleost homologs. cGHS-R1aV lacks the transmembrane-6 domain due to a 48 bp deletion. RT-PCR analysis showed widespread tissue distributions of cGHS-R1a and cGHS-R1aV mRNAs with much higher amounts of cGHS-R1a in all the tissues.[1]


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