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Gene Review

GHSR  -  growth hormone secretagogue receptor

Gallus gallus

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High impact information on GHSR

  • These findings indicate that ghrelin acts as an anti-dipsogenic peptide through the GHS receptor in the chicken [1].
  • Chicken GHS-R gene is composed of two exons separated by an intron [2].
  • Two GHS-R mRNA species, cGHS-R1a and cGHS-R1a-variant (cGHS-R1aV) are generated by alternative splicing of a primary transcript. cGHS-R1a protein is predicted to have seven transmembrane domains by a high degree of amino acid sequence identity with mammalian and teleost homologs. cGHS-R1aV lacks the transmembrane-6 domain due to a 48 bp deletion [2].

Anatomical context of GHSR


Other interactions of GHSR

  • Expression of the gene encoding the receptor for ghrelin (growth hormone secretagogue receptor, GHS-R) and a variant form was detected in a variety of tissues collected from 3-week-old male broiler chickens possibly suggesting autocrine/paracrine effects [4].


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