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Modulation of transcription factor function by an amino acid: activation of Put3p by proline.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae are able to convert proline to glutamate so that it may be used as a source of nitrogen. Here, we show that the activator of the proline utilization genes, Put3p, is transcriptionally inert in the absence of proline but transcriptionally active in its presence. The activation of Put3p requires no additional yeast proteins and can occur in the presence of certain proline analogues: an unmodified pyrrolidine ring is able to activate Put3p as efficiently as proline itself. In addition, we show that a direct interaction occurs between Put3p and proline. These data, which represent direct control of transcriptional activator function by a metabolite, are discussed in terms of the regulation of proline-specific genes in yeast and as a general mechanism of the control of transcription.[1]


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