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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

OBJECTIVE: To identify ADHD children, to show the prevalence of the disorder in the age group of 5-12 years and to study their socio-demographic variables, associated medical and co-morbid psychological problems. METHODS: This is a cross-sectional case study of ADHD children presenting to a child guidance clinic in a busy pediatric hospital over a one year period. The diagnosis of ADHD was based on DSM IV criteria. RESULTS: Of the 238 children referred, 37 were diagnosed as ADHD. 64.9% of the referrals were from pediatricians. The prevalence of ADHD in pediatric clinic was 15.5%, the inattention subtype was predominant. The mean age of boys and girls with ADHD was 8.49 years and 6.82 years respectively. The male to female ratio was 6.4:1. Majority of patients were from middle socio-economic status belonging to Hindu families. 27.0% of children had developmental problems. Oppositional defiant disorder was the most prevalent while depression was the least prevalent co morbid problem. CONCLUSION: ADHD is prevalent in India and the bunch of these children are mostly presenting to the pediatrician. They need to be aware of the profile of this disorder for early detection and intervention.[1]


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