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Age Groups

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Disease relevance of Age Groups


Psychiatry related information on Age Groups


High impact information on Age Groups

  • The capsular polysaccharide vaccine does not protect children at greatest risk (those under the age of 18 months), but a polysaccharide-protein conjugate vaccine has proved to be more immunogenic in this age group [11].
  • Regardless of the subjects' status with respect to atopy or their age group, the prevalence of asthma was closely related to the serum IgE level standardized for age and sex (P less than 0.0001), and no asthma was present in the 177 subjects with the lowest IgE levels for their age and sex (greater than 1.46 SD below the mean) [12].
  • Preprandial glucose levels on this regimen were 37+/-2 mg per deciliter (+/-S.E.M.). Basal serum insulin levels were within normal fasting levels for this age group but inappropriately elevated for the blood glucose levels [13].
  • The existing data suggest that PCOS may adversely affect or accelerate the development of an adverse cardiovascular risk profile, and even of subclinical signs of atherosclerosis, but it does not appear to lower the age of clinical presentation to a premenopausal age group [14].
  • The differences between individuals with and without ADHD were similar for males and females and across all age groups [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Age Groups


Biological context of Age Groups

  • Blood pressure and fasting plasma glucose concentration tended to be lower among hormone users, although the differences were not statistically significant in all age groups [21].
  • In the younger age group (mean age at diagnosis <66 years), a maximum two-point LOD score of 3.65 at straight theta = .0 was observed, with D1S407 [22].
  • In both age groups, the X chromosome was micronucleated clearly more often than expected by chance, and the Y chromosome was overrepresented in micronuclei among the older men but not among the younger men [23].
  • To test this hypothesis, we determined X-inactivation ratios at the human androgen receptor locus of 295 normal females from three age groups: (1) neonates, (2) females 28 to 32 years old and, (3) females aged > or = 60 years [24].
  • The findings suggest that in this age group in a Caucasian population, not only does insulin resistance precede glucose intolerance and NIDDM, but also loss of early insulin response indicating impaired beta-cell function to be an early feature of the process culminating in diabetes [25].

Anatomical context of Age Groups


Associations of Age Groups with chemical compounds


Gene context of Age Groups

  • Two-locus analysis provides evidence of strong epistasis between 20p and the APP region, limited to the oldest age group and to those lacking ApoE4 alleles [36].
  • These studies demonstrate that TP53 gene mutations are a common mechanism for glial cell neoplasms in the 18-45-year age group but are unrelated to progression and advanced histological grade [37].
  • This interaction of EGFR with age group was statistically significant and led us to focus our further analyses on the younger patients [38].
  • There was no obvious relationship between presence of PTEN mutation and survival; however, there was a tendency for PTEN mutations to occur in older age group patients [39].
  • JNK activity was not appreciably altered by EGF treatment of cells from either age group [40].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Age Groups

  • Isolated Purkinje fibers were studied with standard microelectrode techniques during superfusion with Tyrode's solution at 37 degrees C. For both age groups, spontaneous rate was decreased by acetylcholine, an effect which was reduced by atropine [41].
  • CONCLUSION: Patients with metastatic breast carcinoma who are older than 65 years tolerate the acute side effects of doxorubicin-based combination chemotherapy as well as the younger age group [42].
  • The model was stratified by age and sex and was adjusted for age within age groups, race or ethnicity, smoking, diabetes, poverty income ratio, body mass index, estrogen use, and gingival bleeding [43].
  • Serial data from 1304 examinations of 423 adult white participants in the Fels Longitudinal Study were analyzed sex-specifically in 2 age groups, 18 through 44 years and 45 to 65 years [44].
  • Thirty and 60 min after the painful stimulus of the venipuncture, plasma cortisol increased significantly (P less than 0.0005), reaching a maximum increase up to 458 +/- 50, 392 +/- 66, and 455 +/- 97 nmol/L in each age group, respectively [45].


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