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Marginal adaptation of indirect composites and ceramic inlay systems.

This study evaluated the marginal adaptation of four different inlay indirect restorative systems: feldspathic ceramic (Duceram LFC-Degussa) and three laboratory-processed resin composites (Solidex-Shofu; Targis-Ivoclar; Artglass-Heraeus Kulzer). Sixty mesial-occlusal-distal (MOD) standard cavities were prepared in mandibular molars and divided randomly. Polyvinylsiloxane impressions were made and the restorations were prepared following the manufacturer's instructions. Marginal adaptation evaluation was accomplished using an image collector computer system with a digital gauging appliance at four points on the occlusal, proximal and gingival regions with 250x magnification. Among all the materials, the marginal discrepancy recorded on the gingival margins was statistically larger than that recorded on the proximal and occlusal regions. Duceram LFC showed greater marginal discrepancy than Solidex, Artglass and Targis, which showed no statistically significant differences among them.[1]


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