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The divergent 5' ends of DPM2 mRNAs originate from the alternative splicing of two adjacent introns: characterization of the hamster DPM2 gene.

Mammalian dolichol-phosphate-mannose (DPM) synthase has three subunits, DPM1, DPM2, and DPM3. In this report, an analysis of the gene and cDNAs of hamster DPM2 is presented. The CHO DPM2 gene has two special features. First, the initiation codon ATG is separated from the remainder of the coding region by intron sequences. Second, within these intron sequences the DPM2 gene contains an adjacent 3' splice site (acceptor) and a 5' splice site (donor), suggestive of a deleted exon between the first and second codons. In fact, these sites overlap by four nucleotides (nt) of AGGT. Splicing intermediates using both of these alternative splice sites were observed. This latter feature appears unique and is particularly unusual considering the relatively small size of the gene (2.7 kb) and of introns a (123 bp) and b (152 bp).[1]


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