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Three-generation reproductive studies of a synthetic pyrethroid--cyhalothrin.

The present study was carried out to understand the effect of cyhalothrin, a synthetic pyrethroid, on reproduction in mice. The study was designed as a three-generation reproduction study. Mice were given 2.5 and 5.0 ppm cyhalothrin/kg body weight orally. Daily cumulative body weight of the pregnant mice, number of pups, and cumulative body weight of pups were noted during the study. Compared with the control, body weight gain of cyhalothrin-treated parent mice of the first generation (for both concentrations) was less. As per Dunnet t-test, the weights of treated mice were comparable with control or were statistically nonsignificant. The other two generations did not show significant changes in body weight gain. Cyhalothrin fed orally did not affect the body weight gain of the pups in any of the generations. There was no significant difference in the viability index in any of the generations. Survival of the pups of dams given cyhalothrin was similar to that in the control.[1]


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