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Chemical Compound Review

AGN-PC-006F3Z     [cyano-(3- phenoxyphenyl)methyl] 3-(2...

Synonyms: AG-G-59691, AC1L9DXT, CTK8F8871, 68085-85-8, 76703-62-3, ...
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Disease relevance of C10983

  • Mice were given 2.5 and 5.0 ppm cyhalothrin/kg body weight orally [1].
  • Thus, inhibitory avoidance tests carried out on rats at 90 days of age were capable of demonstrating neural toxicity of Cyhalothrin (0.02%) present only in the drinking water of dams during 21 days of lactation [2].

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Biological context of C10983

  • Results showed that in vivo cyhalothrin treatment: (1) decreased macrophage spreading and phagocytosis indexes; (2) decreased macrophage nitric oxide (NO) production; (3) did not change spontaneous or PMA-induced macrophage H2O2 release [9].
  • Field trials on cattle confirmed that dipping in 0.007% cyhalothrin provided a high level of tick control and a minimum of 7 days protective period against reinfestation [10].
  • The prenatal effects of exposure to the insecticide cyhalothrin on the sexual maturation and sexual behavior of rats were investigated [11].
  • Laboratory and field populations were examined by both the PCR assay and conventional filter paper bioassays with the pyrethroid cyhalothrin to verify that populations containing greater proportions of individuals with the resistant sodium channel allele DNA sequence also had higher bioassay LC50 values [12].

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