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Effect of astrocytic energy metabolism depressant on 14C-acetate uptake in intact rat brain.

Fluorocitrate, a selective astrocytic toxin, was microinjected into the right striatum of rat brain, and the regional distribution of 14C-acetate was measured using autoradiography. A significant reduction (more than 80%) in 14C-acetate uptake over a 5-minute period was observed in the right striatum, compared with that in the left striatum (saline infused), 4 hours after fluorocitrate (1 nmol/microL) infusion. This effect was transient, and 14C-acetate uptake had almost returned to normal at 24 hours after the fluorocitrate infusion. In contrast, the regional blood flow in the striatum, as determined using 14C-iodoamphetamine, was significantly increased by the fluorocitrate infusion. The present observations indicate that 14C-acetate uptake might be a useful characteristic for examining astrocytic energy metabolism in the intact brain.[1]


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