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IL-3 affects endothelial cell- mediated smooth muscle cell recruitment by increasing TGF beta activity: potential role in tumor vessel stabilization.

Interleukin-3 ( IL-3) expression by tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) and its effects on vessel assembly were evaluated. TILs from 'in situ' human breast cancers expressed CD4/ CD25 antigens and IL-3. An injection of Matrigel containing SMC and IL-3 or basic-fibroblast growth factor ( bFGF) into SCID mice confirmed the neoangiogenetic effect of both factors. However, in response to IL-3, but not to bFGF, only few SMC became incorporated into the nascent vessels. To evaluate the possibility that signals emanated by the nascent vasculature in the presence of IL-3 may negatively regulate SMC recruitment, conditioned media (CM) from IL-3-treated endothelial cells (EC) or SMC were tested for their biological effects on SMC and EC. CM from IL-3-treated SMC stimulated the migration of EC. In contrast, the migration of SMC was not affected by CM from IL-3-stimulated EC; however, it was greatly enhanced by blocking transforming growth factor beta ( TGF beta) activity. TGF beta immunoenzymatic assay demonstrated the following: (i) the absence of TGF beta activity in CM from IL-3-stimulated EC; (ii) a barely detectable TGF beta activity in CM from IL-3- stimulated SMC; and (iii) the presence of TGF beta activity in the supernatants of SMC stimulated with CM from IL-3-, but not from bFGF-stimulated EC. Increased TGF beta mRNA expression was only detected in SMC stimulated with CM from IL-3-treated EC. Finally, the inhibitory signals induced by IL-3 in vivo were abrogated by the addition of the neutralizing TGF beta antibody. Thus, the positive immunostaining for IL-3 by TILs in 'in situ' breast cancers sustains the possibility that early in tumor development, IL-3 can contribute to the chronic immaturity of these vessels.[1]


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