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Quantification of ochratoxin A in foods by a stable isotope dilution assay using high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.

A stable isotope dilution assay (SIDA) was developed for quantification of the mycotoxin ochratoxin A (OTA) by using [2H5]-OTA as internal standard. The synthesis of labelled OTA was accomplished by acid hydrolysis of unlabelled OTA and subsequent coupling one of the products, ochratoxin alpha, to [2H5]-L-phenylalanine. The mycotoxin was quantified in foods by LC-tandem MS after extraction with buffers containing [2H5]-OTA and clean-up by immuno affinity chromatography or by solid phase extraction on silica. The method showed a sufficient sensitivity with a low detection and quantification limit of 0.5 and 1.4 microg/kg, respectively, and good precision in inter-assay studies showing a CV (n = 3) of 3.6%. The analysis of certified reference materials resulted in a low bias of 2.1% from the certified values and revealed excellent accuracy of the new method. To prove the suitability of SIDA. OTA was quantified in a number of food samples and resulted mainly in not detectable OTA contents. However, three samples of raisins exceeded the legal limit of 10 microg/kg and highlighted the need for further controlling the contamination with the mycotoxin.[1]


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