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Fast separation of macrophages by retention on cross-linked amylose and release by enzymatic amylolysis of the chromatographic material.

Macrophages from mice peritoneal exudate were isolated on basis of specific adherence on epichlorohydrin cross-linked amylose (CLA), a chromatographic gel presenting a high susceptibility to advanced amylolysis with alpha-amylase. The cell suspension, containing predominantly macrophages and lymphocytes, was applied onto the column and incubated for 30 min at 37 degrees C for the adherence of macrophages. After this interval the non-adherent cells were eluted with buffered medium and the CLA support was incubated in the column with an alpha-amylase-buffered solution liquefying the matrix and releasing, in situ, the adherent cell population containing 90% macrophages with a viability higher than 90%.[1]


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