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Cloning of a cDNA encoding an ETR2-like protein (Os-ERL1) from deep water rice (Oryza sativa L.) and increase in its mRNA level by submergence, ethylene, and gibberellin treatments.

A cDNA from deep water rice treated with ethylene, encoding an ethylene receptor homologous to Arabidopsis thaliana ETR2 and EIN4, was isolated using differential display and RACE techniques. The cDNA (2880 bp), corresponding to the Os-ERL1 gene (Oryza sativa ETHYLENE RESPONSE 2 like 1; GenBank accession number AB107219), contained an open reading frame of 2289 bp coding for 763 amino acids. The protein Os-ERL1 has 50% and 52% similarity to Arabidopsis ETR2 and EIN4, respectively. The Os-ERL1 gene was up-regulated by flooding, and by treatment with ethylene and gibberellin. These results suggest that deep water rice responds to flooding by increasing the number of its ethylene receptors.[1]


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