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Structure, dynamics and interactions of p47, a major adaptor of the AAA ATPase, p97.

p47 is a major adaptor molecule of the cytosolic AAA ATPase p97. The principal role of the p97-p47 complex is in regulation of membrane fusion events. Mono-ubiquitin recognition by p47 has also been shown to be crucial in the p97-p47-mediated Golgi membrane fusion events. Here, we describe the high-resolution solution structures of the N-terminal UBA domain and the central domain ( SEP) from p47. The p47 UBA domain has the characteristic three-helix bundle fold and forms a highly stable complex with ubiquitin. We report the interaction surfaces of the two proteins and present a structure for the p47 UBA-ubiquitin complex. The p47 SEP domain adopts a novel fold with a betabetabetaalphaalphabeta secondary structure arrangement, where beta4 pairs in a parallel fashion to beta1. Based on biophysical studies, we demonstrate a clear propensity for the self-association of p47. Furthermore, p97 N binding abolishes p47 self-association, revealing the potential interaction surfaces for recognition of other domains within p97 or the substrate.[1]


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