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CARD15 and HLA DRB1 alleles influence susceptibility and disease localization in Crohn's disease.

OBJECTIVES: Crohn's disease (CD) is a chronic inflammatory disease of the gut associated with allelic variants of CARD15 and HLA-DRB1 genes. We investigated the prevalence and effects of these variants in a Canadian CD cohort. METHODS: 507 unrelated CD patients were genotyped for the three major CD-associated variants (Arg702Trp, Gly908Arg, and Leu1007fsinsC) and for thirteen HLA-DRB1 alleles. RESULTS: At least one CARD15 variant was present in 32.5% of the CD patients compared with 20% of controls. The prevalence of CARD15 mutation was similar in both sporadic and familial and Jewish and non-Jewish CD patients. The Gly908Arg variant was significantly higher and the Arg702Trp variant significantly lower in Jewish compared to non-Jewish patients. A positive association between the HLA-DRB1*0103 allele and CD was detected in non-Jewish, familial cases (p = 0.0002), with risk for CD increased by 6.7 fold by the presence of an HLA-DRB1*0103 allele as compared to 1.9 fold and 19 fold by a single or two CARD15 variant alleles, respectively. We show a significant association of ileal involvement with CARD15 variants (OR = 1.8; p = 0.02), HLA-DRB1*0701 (OR = 1.9; p = 0.006) and DRB1*04 (OR = 1.7; p = 0.02) alleles and demonstrate the capacity of combined CARD15 and HLA-DRB1 genotyping to predict ileal disease in CD patients. By contrast, the HLA-DRB1*0103 allele was associated with later age of diagnosis (p = 0.02) and pure colonic disease (p = 0.000013). CONCLUSIONS: These observations confirm the influence of CARD15 and HLA-DRB1 alleles on both CD susceptibility and site of disease and identify genotyping of these variants as a potential tool for improved diagnosis and risk prediction in CD.[1]


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