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Psychosocial factors associated with cancer behavioural risk in relatives of cancer patients.

The European Code against Cancer includes some primary cancer prevention behaviours, which can be studied in the framework of psychosocial models of human behaviour as the ASE model (attitude-social influence-efficacy model). The objective of this study was to detect the factors that better explain cancer behavioural risk in relatives of cancer patients. A convenience sample of 3031 people was selected in primary care centres. A three-step multivariate analysis was carried out by means of a multiple linear regression, introducing cancer behavioural risk as the dependent variable and the following covariables: psychosocial factors in the ASE model, sociodemographic variables and the family history of cancer. At least five difficulties and four needs were perceived in following the preventive advice by 25% of patients. The main difficulties were tobacco and alcohol addiction and the demands of a social life. Principal needs were access to cessation programmes, family support, and being controlled and pressured by health workers. The highest risk profile is to be a young man with a low sociocultural level. The ASE determinants were the best predictors of cancer behavioural risk, so programmes that forget these predictors may not achieve any impact and may waste resources.[1]


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