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Primary Health Care

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Disease relevance of Primary Health Care


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Chemical compound and disease context of Primary Health Care


Biological context of Primary Health Care

  • In 1948 the National Health Service in Great Britain designated primary care to be the responsibility of the general practice branch of the medical profession [21].
  • Because physicians in the Primary Care Internal Medicine Training Program were significantly more likely to identify principal psychosocial problems, their concordance scores were significantly lower than those of standard internal medicine track physicians [22].
  • After adjusting for sex differences, RA patients were more likely than DM patients to report having a specialist as their primary care doctor [23].
  • Treatment decisions were left to patients and their primary care physicians.RESULTS: After 9 and 18 months of follow-up, there were no significant differences in lipid values, blood pressure control, fasting blood glucose, body-mass index, or number of smokers between the two groups [24].
  • Overall, the Workshop covered most of the principal areas which will be the focus of the Worldwide Project on Sleep and Health. Presentations ranged from the basic science of melatonin receptors to the epidemiology of untreated insomnia, and finally, to the education of primary care physicians [25].

Anatomical context of Primary Health Care


Associations of Primary Health Care with chemical compounds

  • Our study, therefore, suggests that nicotine gum is a cost-effective adjunct to physician's advice against cigarette smoking in a primary care setting [31].
  • Initial antidepressant choice in primary care. Effectiveness and cost of fluoxetine vs tricyclic antidepressants [32].
  • Physicians often fail to achieve recommended low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol goals for their patients using lipid-lowering therapies in the primary care setting [33].
  • The Expert Advisory Group's recommendations to establish cancer centres, cancer units, and a network involving primary care for the treatment of cancer patients in the UK is based on the view that specialisation in cancer care will improve outcomes [34].
  • The key to success is a combination of trained primary-care physicians, health workers, inexpensive phenobarbital, drug compliance, health education, and follow-up [35].

Gene context of Primary Health Care

  • Prevalence of hereditary hemochromatosis in 16031 primary care patients [36].
  • INTERVENTION: Serum transferrin saturation screening tests were offered to all adult patients in participating primary care practices [36].
  • Compared to PGY-1 residents, PGY-2 and PGY-3 residents were more likely to report more encounters with established patients, but were not more likely to feel like the primary care provider [37].
  • METHODS: A total of 181 consecutive patients (131 < 18 yr), referred to our celiac clinic by primary care physicians for suspect CD [38].
  • The aim of the present study is to validate different tests for diagnosing alcoholism (CAGE, Alcohol Clinical Index, MCV, GGT, GOT/GPT and GGT/AP) in primary care and compare their diagnostic efficacy [39].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Primary Health Care

  • METHODS: Concentrations of plasma atrial (ANP and N-terminal ANP) and B-type (BNP) natriuretic peptides were measured by radioimmunoassay in 122 consecutive patients referred to a rapid-access heart-failure clinic with a new primary-care diagnosis of heart failure [40].
  • METHODS: A randomized controlled trial was conducted in which primary care patients meeting DSM-III-R criteria for current major depression were assigned to pharmacotherapy (where nortriptyline hydrochloride was given) or interpersonal psychotherapy provided in a standardized framework or a primary physician's usual care [41].
  • DESIGN: A prospective cohort study of 222 HIV-seropositive women and 302 HIV-seropositive men who attended a hospital-affiliated methadone maintenance program with on-site primary care [42].
  • Prostate cancer screening and beliefs about treatment efficacy: a national survey of primary care physicians and urologists [43].
  • One of the primary concerns of the National Cholesterol Education Program about mass screening for elevated blood cholesterol has been the readiness of primary care physicians to deal with a large number of referrals [44].


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