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Linear Models

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Disease relevance of Linear Models


Psychiatry related information on Linear Models


High impact information on Linear Models

  • The concentration of t-PA antigen correlated with that of the t-PA-PAI-1 complex in a linear regression model (squared correlation coefficient, 0.80; P<0.001) [11].
  • Linear regression analysis revealed that nerve sorbitol content in the diabetics was inversely related to the number of myelinated fibers (P = 0.003) [12].
  • After statistical adjustment for important prognostic factors (age and initial chronicity index) identified by multiple linear regression, the difference in the slopes between the group receiving prednisone and the group receiving cytotoxic drugs was significant (P less than 0.0001) [13].
  • MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Proportion of days covered (PDC) by a statin in each quarter during the first year of therapy and every 6 months thereafter; predictors of suboptimal persistence during each interval (PDC <80%) were identified using generalized linear models for repeated measures [14].
  • In linear regression analyses, the only significant predictors of change in CRP on a log scale were randomized pravastatin allocation and baseline CRP levels (P<.001 for both) [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Linear Models


Biological context of Linear Models


Anatomical context of Linear Models

  • When the data were analyzed by multiple linear regression, the percentage of CD4+ cells had a positive effect on these two parameters in patients without AIDS, whereas the percentage of CD4+ cells had no significant effect on unstimulated and IL-2-stimulated NK cell activity in these patients [26].
  • The T cell subpopulation was 5'NT deficient compared to the normal controls, shown as a significant linear regression of T cell 5'NT on the LI% [27].
  • These simulated curves were used to construct the statistical linear model and to test voxel-by-voxel in healthy subjects the hypothesis that dopamine is released in the ventral striatum during periods of unexpected monetary gains, but not during periods of unexpected monetary loss [28].
  • Multivariate linear regression models examined independent effects of diabetes, lean mass, fat mass, visceral fat, and fasting insulin on BMD and bone volume while adjusting for relevant covariates [29].
  • MAIN MEASUREMENTS: Changes in CD4 lymphocyte count and CD4 percentage over time were analysed using linear regression methods for the 271 white and 69 black participants who had at least four semiannual CD4 lymphocyte measurements [30].

Associations of Linear Models with chemical compounds

  • By linear regression analysis of the correlation (r = 0.99) the number of heparin molecules/particle required to promote total inactivation of bound C3b by purified control proteins was 13.8 X 10(6) [31].
  • Linear regression analyses revealed that plasma triglyceride concentrations in all fed, treated rats correlated significantly with triglyceride entry but not very uniformly with plasma or tissue LPL activity [32].
  • Variability across the studies in the proportion of tumors expressing MDR1/gp170 was assessed by use of chi-squared tests of homogeneity, weighted means, and weighted linear regression [33].
  • Linear regression analysis was used to analyze correlations between the various protein levels, DNA-PK activity, or Rad51 foci formation and melphalan cytotoxicity [34].
  • In multivariate log-linear models virtually all the treatment effect was due to zidovudine [35].

Gene context of Linear Models

  • To test this hypothesis, we used step-wise multiple linear regression to examine 10 CAG-containing genes for possible influences on SCA2 age at onset [36].
  • Using a log-linear model, differences in ER, PR, and HER-2 staining were all in the direction of stronger staining in the cores, and were statistically significant [37].
  • Linear regression analysis found no association between NAT2 activity and the levels (unmetabolized plus acid-labile conjugates) of MeIQx or PhIP excreted in urine [38].
  • Linear regression analyses showed that lower total MeIQx (unmetabolized plus the N2-glucuronide and sulfamate metabolites) in urine was associated with higher CYP1A2 activity, whereas total PhIP (unmetabolized plus conjugated) in urine showed no association to CYP1A2 activity [38].
  • Using hierarchical linear regression, a significant independent association was found between the DAT1 10/10-repeat genotype and measures of selective attention and response inhibition after adjusting for age, IQ, and ADHD symptoms [39].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Linear Models


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