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Promoting of melanocyte adhesion and migration by Malytea Scurfpea fruit in vitro.

The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of Malytea Scurfpea Fruit (MSF) on melanocyte adhesion and migration. Human epidermal melanocytes were treated with MSF and examined for adhesion to bovine serum fibronectin-coated culture dishes. Control and treated cells were also examined for migration into micropore filters coated with the same protein. Compared with control, MSF-treated melanocytes adhered to the dishes more easily and migrated into the filters in a dose-dependent manner. MSF at a dose of more than 200 micro g/ml did not increase melanocyte adhesion and migration accordingly. With the exception of MSF 10 micro g/ml, at every concentration of MSF there were significant differences between treated and untreated melanocytes (p < 0.01) when the adhesion test was studied. Regarding migration, even at a concentration of MSF 10 micro g/ml, obviously increased cell numbers were found compared with MSF untreated melanocytes (p < 0.01). MSF promoted melanocyte adhesion and migration; this could explain, in part, the capacity of MSF to regulate melanocyte function in vitiligo.[1]


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