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Micropore Filters

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Biological context of Micropore Filters


Anatomical context of Micropore Filters


Associations of Micropore Filters with chemical compounds

  • If endothelial monolayers grown on micropore filters are incubated with linoleic acid, a substantial amount of the HODE formed accumulates in the basolateral fluid [11].
  • The preparation permitted rapid quanitation of chloramphenicol by use of [14C]acetylcoenzyme A, removing the diacetylated product by selective adsorption onto micropore filters [12].
  • Thus, the effect of PGE2 on RNK-16 cell MMP secretion is mediated by an EP4 R-dependent mechanism involving increases in [cAMP]i. The migration of RNK-16 cells across micropore filters, without or with a layer of Matrigel, was stimulated chemokinetically by PGE2 and misoprostol [13].
  • Activation of migration by pentoxifylline was not dependent on the pore size of the micropore filter, indicating that the effect was not mediated by the ability of the drug to induce membrane deformability [14].
  • A micropore filter chemotactic assay was used to determine the in vitro effect of betamethasone on the random migration and directed migration (chemotaxis) of PMNs from 18 neonates [15].

Gene context of Micropore Filters

  • We observed that pretreatment of normal human neutrophils with Fab fragments of a mAb to the Fc gamma RIII (3G8) specifically inhibited their chemotaxis into micropore filters in response to the formylated peptides FMLP or formyl-norleucyl-leucyl-phenylalanine [16].
  • Simplified micropore filter assay of neutrophil migration using whole blood [17].
  • The Boyden chamber procedure was utilized to measure the influence of bFGF or gangliosides on cell mobilization across a micropore filter [18].
  • S1P-elicited chemokinetic migration of S1P(3) R-predominant BCCs across a type IV collagen-coated micropore filter also was inhibited by concentrations of VD3 and RA which decreased expression of S1P(3) Rs [19].
  • We studied chemotactic effects of interleukin-8 (IL-8) on human peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL) using micropore filter assays [20].


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