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DNA sequences of promoter regions for the str and spc ribosomal protein operons in E. coli.

The DNA sequences have been determined for promoter regions of two ribosomal protein operons in E. coli, the str operon and the spc operon. The site of in vitro transcription initiation within each of these promoter regions has been determined. The start site of the str operon occurs 69 bases upstream from the initiation codon of the S12 gene. The start site of the spc operon occurs 72 bases upstream from the L14 gene, and only 91 bases downstream from the termination codon of the S17 gene (which is in the preceding S10 operon). Both promoters are similar to other sequenced promoters in that they each have an identifiable "Pribnow box" sequence 5 bases upstream from the transcription start site. The spc promoter has a long sequence of 2 fold symmetry centered within the Pribnow box; the str promoter has a shorter but similar symmetry. At positions -69 through -40 in the spc operon, another long region of symmetry is present which may be the termination signal of the preceding S10 operon. Extensive sequence similarity between the str and spc promoter regions is found downstream from the Pribnow box-that is, in a transcribed region preceding the translation start sites.[1]


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