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Short-term rhythms in the performance of a simple motor task.

Following the discovery of short-term rhythmicities In physiological processes, a study was conducted to investigate existence of similar rhythms in motor behavior. Two groups of eight subjects each were tested every 10 or 20 min respectively in the performance of a linear positioning task with augmented auditory and proprioceptive feedback, for 10 consecutive hr. Each testing sample consisted of five trials with knowledge of results (KR), followed by five trials without knowledge of results ( NKR). Between tests subjects drank constant amounts of fluids and urine flow was measured. Movement accuracy in the NKR condition varied rhythmically with periodicities centered at 100 min/ cycle. No comparable rhythms were found in the KR trials or in movement time. Urine flow also varied rhythmically with similar dominant periodicities, but these rhythms were unrelated to rhythms in error. The findings are interpreted to indicate rhythmic modulations in the efficiency of short-term storage and information processing from movement execution. Significance of these results to current views of motor control is discussed.[1]


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