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Pharmacogenomics on gastric cancer.

Gastric cancer is one of most common malignancies in the world. 5-fluoroyracil, CPT-11, TS-1, Paclitaxel and Docetaxel are used as chemotherapeutic agents for advanced gastric cancer, although endoscopic mucosal resection and surgical gastrectomy are potentially curative treatments. Most important problems associated chemotherapeutic agents are side effects and drug resistances. TSG101, implicated in membrane trafficking and transcriptional regulation, is upregulated in gastric cancer with multidrug resistant phenotype. Shen et al reported that transient transfection of TSG101 siRNA reduced the expression level of TSG101 protein as well as resistance to vincristine and adriamycin in gastric cancer cells. Bioinformatics, microarray analyses, SNP typing, and high-throughput functional analyses are applied for pharmacogenomics in the post-genome era. Therapeutics based on the genotyping of each patient is the future goal of personalized medicine (or tailor-made medicine) for gastric cancer.[1]


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