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Carpal tunnel syndrome and work.

The incidence, age at presentation, disability and outcome after surgery were investigated in 327 consecutive women of working age presenting to a hand unit with carpal tunnel syndrome. Two hundred and seventeen were working, 55 of these in repetitive occupations. One hundred and ten were not in employment. All three groups had similar mean ages (around 46 years). On a population basis more women in non-repetitive occupations presented with carpal tunnel syndrome (220/100,000/year) than those in repetitive work (122/100,000/year) or those not working (129/100,000/year), and more were offered surgery (82% versus 67% for those in repetitive work and 58% for those not working). However, symptoms and disability; as assessed with the Michigan Hand Questionnaire and the SF-12, were less severe in working women. This study suggests that working in repetitive or non-repetitive occupations does not cause, aggravate or accelerate carpal tunnel syndrome. Working women may struggle to accommodate their symptoms compared to women who are not in employment causing more to seek help.[1]


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