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Women, Working

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High impact information on Women, Working

  • METHODS: Face-to-face interview were administered to 360 women working in 60 cantinas [2].
  • Only one of the 124 women working in the rotogravure factories was exposed to an average toluene concentrations above 100 mg/m(3) (i.e. 27 ppm) [3].
  • Pregnancy outcome among women working in laundries and dry-cleaning shops using tetrachloroethylene [4].
  • Nonsignificant excesses in women working with polyolefine (1.30) and polyvinyl (1.39) were present only when exposure also included other types of plastic; no excess was observed in women whose work did not include polystyrene [5].
  • However, symptoms and disability; as assessed with the Michigan Hand Questionnaire and the SF-12, were less severe in working women [6].

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Gene context of Women, Working

  • Our purpose was to determine if blood samplings in the mornings after night shifts should be avoided for measuring the basal serum prolactin levels in women working at night and with regular menses; 20 nurses with regular menses, all working only at night shifts, were enrolled in this study [9].
  • PMS is more prevalent among women working outside the home, alcoholics, women of high parity, and women with toxemic tendency; it probably runs in families [10].
  • CONCLUSIONS: We could not find any correlation between CTS development and employment duration, or with work produced per year; but these two were the prominent factors contributing to delayed median sensory latency The results indicates that women working in the hand-made carpet industry have a higher risk of CTS development [11].
  • A cross-sectional case-control study was conducted comparing working women employed by the Women's Work Centres of the Orangi Pilot Project with non-working matched controls [12].


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