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The effect of neurotensin on insulin-induced proliferation of human fibroblasts.

Neurotensin has been shown to influence growth in a number of cancerous and non-cancerous cells and to enhance the proliferative effects of growth factors without itself inducing proliferation. Here we show that neurotensin potentiates the proliferative effects of insulin on IMR90 human fibroblasts in a concentration and neurotensin receptor type 1-dependent manner. This potentiating effect of neurotensin was blocked by inhibitors of phospholipase C and protein kinase C, was accompanied by an increase in the level of soluble inositol phosphates and did not involve an autocrine factor. These results show that neurotensin can enhance insulin-dependent proliferation of human fibroblasts and suggest a possible role for neurotensin in tissue growth and repair.[1]


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