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Learning objectives for training and continuing education in occupational medicine.

Occupational medicine (OM) training programs apparently vary more in content and practice skills than other medical special training programs. This variation appears to exist both within programs, in that individual trainees in some programs may engage in very different experiences, and between programs. Some variation is not necessarily undesirable, considering the multiplicity of professional roles, the eclectic backgrounds of many residents, and the diversity of points of view in each of the specialties. However, excessive variation in medical content and practice skills in the training experience may result in uneven training and, in fact, undermines the integrity of the specialty. A consensus on core content and skills for specialty training might help. A consensus would help physicians to judge their own level of preparation in order to decide to participate in further training and continuing education programs. I prepared a model set of objectives for occupational medicine under the auspices and with the endorsement of the American College of Preventive Medicine. Further evaluation can refine the objectives, implement use of the objectives in formal training programs, and assess the utility of the format for other preventive medicine specialties.[1]


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