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Chemical Compound Review

Amidone     6-dimethylamino-4,4-diphenyl- heptan-3-one

Synonyms: Biscuits, Diaminon, Dolophin, Dolophine, Metasedin, ...
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Disease relevance of Metasedin


Psychiatry related information on Metasedin

  • Methadone maintenance is an effective and most widely used treatment for opiate addiction, allowing normalization of many physiological abnormalities caused by chronic use of short-acting opiates [8].
  • Newborn infants, chronically exposed in utero to low doses of methadone with or without concomitant heroin, display more rapid eye movement sleep and less quiet sleep than control infants, while babies fetally exposed to both opiates and nonopiates have less organization of sleep states [9].
  • CONTEXT: Results from several studies conducted in the early 1990s showed that the majority of US methadone maintenance programs did not use treatment practices that met established standards for the care of heroin users [10].
  • DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS: Representative samples of 390 patients from 2 methadone maintenance treatment programs (MMTPs) and 531 patients from 13 short-term residential substance abuse treatment (inpatient) programs, all in New York State, were surveyed in late 2000 and early 2001 [11].
  • These findings indicate that maintenance of the pregnant addict under closely supervised methadone therapy is compatible with an uneventful pregnancy and birth of a healthy infant whose withdrawal symptoms in the neonatal period are readily controllable [12].

High impact information on Metasedin

  • On all measures of secondary-sex-organ and testicular function, heroin addicts appeared to fall between the methadone and control subjects, but, with the exception of sperm motility, the deviation from control values did not reach statisitcal significance [13].
  • Microsomal enzyme induction by methadone and its implications on tolerance to methodone lethality [14].
  • Since threo-5-methylmethadone exhibits no opioid agonism either in vivo or in vitro, methadone analogs probably do not have this conformation when bound to an opioid receptor [15].
  • Specific deuterium labeling of methadone and use of gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy technique permits rapid and quanitative determination of the ratio of the labeled to unlabeled drug in body fluids [3].
  • Prevalence and characteristics of chronic pain among chemically dependent patients in methadone maintenance and residential treatment facilities [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of Metasedin


Biological context of Metasedin

  • Patients believed methadone patients in general had changed their sex behavior (49.2%) and reduced needle sharing (62%) to prevent becoming infected [21].
  • These findings suggest that the liver may serve not only as a site of biotransformation of methadone, but also as a major reservoir for storage and subsequent release of unchanged compound [22].
  • This observation was investigated in rabbits maintained on daily methadone 4 mg per kg of body weight after a period of 3 months on increasing dosage to assure drug tolerance [23].
  • The abuse of illicit methadone, outside the therapeutic setting, has aroused considerable controversy, particularly with regard to the public health hazards of primary methadone addiction, overdose, abuse, and childhood poisoning [24].
  • Methadone depressed respiration rate below other groups; abstinent subjects had higher heart rates than methadone or control subjects [25].

Anatomical context of Metasedin


Associations of Metasedin with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Metasedin


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Metasedin

  • Although the sperm count of methadone clients was more than twice the control levels, reflecting a lack of sperm dilution by secondary-sex-organ secretions, the sperm motility of these subjects was markedly lower than normal [13].
  • These data question the validity of animal experiments which purport to be models for methadone maintenance programs but in which treatment is started immediately prior to or soon after conception [38].
  • PATIENTS: Forty-seven opioid-dependent patients who had been receiving methadone maintenance therapy in an NTP without evidence of illicit drug use for 1 year and without significant untreated psychiatric comorbidity were randomized; 1 patient refused to participate after treatment assignment to NTP [39].
  • However, despite recommendations regarding effective dosing of methadone, controlled clinical trials of higher-dose methadone have not been conducted [40].
  • It is recommended that drug therapy during pregnancy in addicts should be supervised by a psychiatrist known to the patient and that oral methadone be substituted for heroin [41].


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