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Electron paramagnetic resonance studies on copper(II)-cyclodextrin systems.

Three copper(II) complexes containing beta-cyclodextrin (betaCD) derivatives as ligands [mono-6-methylamino-6-deoxy-betaCD dithiocarbamate (CDTC), mono-6-histamino-6-deoxy-betaCD (CDHM) and mono-6-Nalpha-arginyl-6-deoxy-betaCD (CDARG)] have been studied by electron paramagnetic resonance. The spectra have been recorded at X- and S-bands and different temperatures and simulated to obtain the best set of magnetic parameters. In particular, the 300 K spectra are typical of the slow motion regime, as expected considering the high molecular weight of the ligands. Some structural characteristics of the complexes are proposed on the basis of dynamic and covalency parameters obtained from simulation.[1]


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