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In vitro propagation of emetic nut Randia dumetorum (Lamb.).

An efficient protocol for in vitro shoot multiplication of Randia dumetorum (Emetic nut) has been developed. The seeds of R. dumetorum were germinated in vitro in MS medium in 5 weeks. Subsequent propagation using shoot tip as an explant was carried out in MS medium along with different concentrations and combinations of BAP (0.5-2.0) and NAA (0.0-2.0). Maximum shoot multiplication was obtained (12.7 shoots per shoot tip) in MS medium containing 1 mg/L BAP and 1 mg/L NAA. Micropropagated shoots were rooted in 1/2 MS medium supplemented with 1 mg/l IBA. This is the first report of in vitro plant propagation of R. dumetorum. In vitro grown plantlets showed a survival rate of 70% after 2 months of transplantation to natural environment.[1]


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