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Sotalol reverses remodeled action potential in patients with chronic atrial fibrillation but does not prevent arrhythmia recurrence.

INTRODUCTION: Recurrence of atrial fibrillation (AF) may be related to AF-induced electrical remodeling characterized by shortening of the atrial action potential duration (APD) and loss of its rate adaptation. We investigated the effects of pretreatment with oral d,l-sotalol on rate-dependent changes in atrial monophasic action potential (MAP) duration after cardioversion of chronic AF with reference to the efficacy in preventing the arrhythmia recurrence. METHODS AND RESULTS: MAPs were recorded from the right atrium at six pacing cycle lengths (CLs) from 300 to 750 ms in 19 chronic AF patients after electrical cardioversion; 9 had been pretreated with oral d,l-sotalol (196 +/- 42 mg/day) for 7 days and 10 were untreated. MAP duration at 90% repolarization (MAPD90) in 11 control patients increased progressively with increases in CLs from 209 +/- 19 ms at CL = 300 ms to 264 +/- 28 ms at CL = 750 ms. In AF patients without sotalol, the CL-MAPD relation was shifted downward and flattened at longer CLs; MAPD90 values were 206 +/- 11 ms and 227 +/- 16 ms at CLs of 300 and 750 ms, respectively. MAPD90 values at CLs > or =500 ms in AF were significantly shorter than controls. In AF patients with sotalol, the normal CL-MAPD relation was preserved; MAPD90 increased from 226 +/- 19 ms to 282 +/- 46 ms in the CL range. AF recurred within 2 weeks after cardioversion in 14 of 24 patients pretreated with d,l-sotalol (216 +/- 51 mg/day) despite of continuation of sotalol treatment. CONCLUSION: Sotalol reverses AF-induced decrease in MAPD adaptation to rate in the atria of chronic AF patients, but this effect does not lead to prevention of AF recurrence.[1]


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