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Congenic mapping of type 1 diabetes--protective gene(s) in an interval of 4 Mb on rat chromosome 6q32.

Congenic BB.SHR rats introgressing a segment of SHR chromosome 6 onto BB/OK background showed a reduction of diabetes frequency by 72% compared with BB/OK. To identify underlying gene(s), the introgressed segment was shortened and the expression of seven genes ( Yy1, Dlk1/Pref-1, Wd40 repeat, Cdc42, Rtl1, Traf3, and Tnfaip2) was studied in blood and spleen of non-diabetic BB/OK, BB.6S, and SHR males and females at an age of 30, 70, and 90 days. The phenotype of congenic sublines narrowed the diabetes-protective region to 4 Mb. The relative expression of Yy1 and Pref-1 in blood and of Pref-1 in spleen was significantly reduced by 50-90% in male and female BB.6S and SHR compared with BB/OK favouring Yy1 and Pref-1 as candidate genes. All other genes were differently expressed according to gender and strain.[1]


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