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Hypochondriacal concerns in panic disorder and major depressive disorder: a comparison.

OBJECTIVE: To gain perspective on the relationship between hypochondriasis and panic disorder, we compared the occurrence of hypochondriasis in patients with panic disorder (N= 59) and major depressive disorder (N= 27). METHODS: Patients who participated in separate drug treatment trials were assessed at baseline and eight weeks using the Whiteley Index of Hypochondriasis. RESULTS: At baseline, the Whiteley Index score was greater for patients with panic disorder than for those with major depressive disorder. At eight weeks, a statistically significant reduction in the mean hypochondriasis score was observed in panic patients who had improved but not in major depressive patients who had improved. Modest correlations were observed between hypochondriasis and symptoms of panic and major depressive disorder, but in depressed patients, hypochondriasis was positively correlated with anxiety symptoms as well. CONCLUSION: A unique relationship appears to exist between hypochondriasis and panic disorder. The nature of this relationship and its implications for classification are discussed.[1]


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