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Contamination of coagulation factor concentrates with human parvovirus B19 genotype 1 and 2.

Human parvovirus B19 ( B19) DNA has frequently been detected in plasma-derived coagulation factor concentrates. Furthermore, transmission of B19 infection was observed, indicating presence of the infectious virus despite routine viral inactivation/removal procedures during the manufacturing process. Recently, human parvovirus DNA isolates, variant from B19, have been identified resulting in classification of B19 virus into three distinct genotypes, with all viruses previously classified as B19 belonging to genotype 1. So far, there is no information available on contamination of clotting factor concentrates with genotype 2. Therefore, we analysed 202 different factor concentrate lots for genotype 1 and 2 DNA by PCR. Analysis of one hundred eighty-one lots representing 13 different products, administered over the last three years, was compared to 21 lots (8 products) used until the early 1980s which had not been treated by viral inactivation procedures. Genotype 1 DNA was detected in 77/181 (42.5%) currently administered lots, and 17/21 (81%) previously used lots. The level of genotype 1 DNA contamination was similar in currently and previously administered concentrates. Genotype 2 DNA was found in 5/202 (2.5%) lots, all of which were co-contaminated with genotype 1 DNA. DNA sequence analysis showed that the PCR-double positive concentrates contained typical genotype 1 and genotype 2 DNA. Because genotype 2 appears to cause a similar spectrum of diseases as genotype 1, simultaneous detection of genotype 2 by nucleic acid amplification testing (NAT), now widely applied to plasma pools for genotype 1, would give an added level of safety to blood products.[1]


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