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Case-control association study of human netrin G1 gene in Japanese schizophrenia.

The exact etiology of schizophrenia remains undetermined but accumulating evidence suggests that disturbances in neurodevelopment may represent one contributory factor. Netrin G1, a recently cloned gene from the mouse, has been shown to play a potential role in the formation of neural circuitry. To determine whether this gene is involved in the development of psychosis, we performed a genetic association study of human netrin G1 gene in schizophrenia. First, we determined the human genomic structure of netrin G1 by direct comparisons between cDNA and genome sequences, and by database searches. For the subsequent examination of heterozygosity, we selected 10 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) for an association test in case (n = 180) and control (n = 180) samples. Among these SNPs, IVS8-1467C>T showed significant allelic association (nominal P = 0.020) with disease. This SNP is located in a haplotype block of approximately 40 kb and haplotypes in this block also displayed significant association (most significant P = 0.017). These findings suggest that netrin G1 or a nearby gene may contribute to the overall genetic risk for schizophrenia.[1]


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