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Dicyclobuta[de,ij]naphthalene and dicyclopenta[cd,gh]pentalene: a theoretical study.

The structures, energetics, and aromatic character of dicyclobuta[de,ij]naphthalene, 1, dicyclopenta[cd,gh]pentalene, 2, dihydrodicyclobuta[de,ij]naphthalene, 3, and dihydrocyclopenta[cd,gh]pentalene, 4, have been examined at the B3LYP/6-311++G//B3LYP/6-31G level of theory. All molecules are bowl-shaped, and the pentalene isomers, 2 and 4, are most stable. A comparison with other C(12)H(6) and C(12)H(8) isomers indicates that 2 is approximately 25 kcal/ mol less stable than 1,5,9-tridehydro[12]annulene and 4 is approximately 100 kcal/ mol higher in energy than acenaphthylene, both of which are synthetically accessible. The transition state structure for bowl-to-bowl inversion of 1 is planar (D(2)(h)()) and lies 30.9 kcal/ mol higher in energy than the ground state; the transition state for inversion of 2 is C(2)(h)() and lies 46.6 kcal/ mol higher in energy. Symmetry considerations, bond length alternations, and NICS values (a magnetic criterion) all indicate that the ground states of 1, 3, and 4 are very aromatic; however, HOMA values (a measure of bond delocalization) indicate that 3S and 4S are aromatic but that 1S is less so. NICS values for the ground state of 2 strongly indicate aromaticity; however, bond localization, symmetry, and HOMA values argue otherwise.[1]


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