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Differential protein acetylation induced by novel histone deacetylase inhibitors.

Histone deacetylase ( HDAC) inhibitors induce the hyperacetylation of nucleosomal histones in carcinoma cells resulting in the expression of repressed genes that cause growth arrest, terminal differentiation, and/or apoptosis. In vitro selectivity of several novel hydroxamate HDAC inhibitors including succinimide macrocyclic hydroxamates and the non-hydroxamate alpha-ketoamide inhibitors was investigated using isolated enzyme preparations and cellular assays. In vitro selectivity for the HDAC isozymes (HDAC1/2, 3, 4/3, and 6) was not observed for these HDAC inhibitors or the reference HDAC inhibitors, MS-275 and SAHA. In T24 and HCT116 cells these compounds caused the accumulation of acetylated histones H3 and H4; however, the succinimide macrocyclic hydroxamates and the alpha-ketoamides did not cause the accumulation of acetylated alpha-tubulin. These data suggest "selectivity" can be observed at the cellular level with HDAC inhibitors and that the nature of the zinc-chelating moiety is an important determinant of activity against tubulin deacetylase.[1]


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