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Interocular suppression is gated by interocular feature matching.

We present a new form of contrast masking in which the target is a patch of low spatial frequency grating (0.46 c/deg) and the mask is a dark thin ring that surrounds the centre of the target patch. In matching and detection experiments we found little or no effect for binocular presentation of mask and test stimuli. But when mask and test were presented briefly (33 or 200 ms) to different eyes (dichoptic presentation), masking was substantial. In a 'half-binocular' condition the test stimulus was presented to one eye, but the mask stimulus was presented to both eyes with zero-disparity. This produced masking effects intermediate to those found in dichoptic and full-binocular conditions. We suggest that interocular feature matching can attenuate the potency of interocular suppression, but unlike in previous work (McKee, S. P., Bravo, M. J., Taylor, D. G., & Legge, G. E. (1994) Stereo matching precedes dichoptic masking. Vision Research, 34, 1047) we do not invoke a special role for depth perception.[1]


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