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The American Board of Orthodontics: Diplomate recertification.

Although some specialty certifying boards began recommending or requiring recertification of their "boarded" specialists as early as 1986, recertification is a relatively new concept for the specialty of orthodontics. In the mid 1990s, the American Board of Orthodontics ( ABO) recognized that many other medical and dental specialty boards had already established voluntary or mandatory recertification policies and decided to establish its own time-limited certifying policy. After a series of field tests involving former directors, council members of the College of Diplomates of the ABO, and volunteer diplomates, the ABO instituted a recertification policy for candidates who applied for initial certification after January 1, 1998. Since then, the total number of diplomates who have been recertified has steadily increased. Surveys of successfully recertified diplomates reflect a positive feeling about the process. When medical and dental specialists are expected to be more accountable, recertification has been shown to be a valid method to help ensure continued competency. The ABO believes that the formulation of educational and certifying processes to document a diplomate's clinical competency throughout his or her career will help to serve the public welfare. The ABO is attempting to make initial certification and periodic recertification attainable for more orthodontists and, in so doing, to provide a standard by which we exist as a specialty.[1]


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