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Specialties, Dental

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High impact information on Specialties, Dental

  • Materials and METHODS: The U.S. Army Southern Command requested a Dental Specialty MEDRETE for fiscal year 2002 [1].
  • The results of this study indicate that, compared with standard light guides, the Power Slot and the Turbo Tip (Ormco Sybron Dental Specialties, Orange, Calif) light guides can significantly reduce the curing times (10 seconds per bracket; 5 seconds each from mesial and distal) without affecting their shear bond strengths [2].
  • The fact that such a diploma has existed first as a DDO and latterly as the MDO (Membership) for some 50 years is remarkable in view of the relative infancy of most dental specialties and the fact that the General Dental Council has instigated a specialist register in orthodontics as recently as 1998 [3].


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