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Growth hormone deficiency in children: an approach to a child with short stature.

The importance of recognition of short stature in a child is very important as it allows one to identify important medical conditions where physical shortness is only one manifestation. Causes of short stature are: Familial, idiopathic, delay in growth and maturation, chronic systemic illnesses, endocrinopathies, rickets, skeletal dysplasia, chromosomal disorders and emotional deprivation. Proper history, physical examination, endocrine and non-endocrine investigations are crucial for arriving at the diagnosis of short stature. The cardinal manifestation of growth hormone deficiency in children obviously interferes physical growth. Causes of growth hormone deficiency may be congenital or acquired. A peak growth hormone level of < 10 microg/l in response to stimulation tests along with some clinical features is generally considered sufficient to diagnose growth hormone deficiency. Growth hormone in a dose of 25-50 microg/kg/day should be administered subcutaneously once daily at bed time for growth hormone deficiency state.[1]


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