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Chromosome Disorders

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Disease relevance of Chromosome Disorders


High impact information on Chromosome Disorders

  • This deletion map should be useful in identifying Y chromosomal genes, in exploring the origin of chromosomal disorders, and in tracing the evolution of the Y chromosome [5].
  • However, 5 men with chromosomal disorders had a higher mean AR level (41.3 +/- 6.2 fmol/mg protein) than the normal men, and 5 of the remaining infertile men (14.2%) had receptor levels that were less than the minimum value in normal men [6].
  • Eight chromosomal disorders had a high association with epilepsy [7].
  • Are clinical and biological IVF parameters correlated with chromosomal disorders in early life: a multicentric study [8].
  • The possibility of pregnancy must be considered in all patients with Turner syndrome, a relatively common chromosomal disorder [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Chromosome Disorders


Biological context of Chromosome Disorders


Gene context of Chromosome Disorders

  • However, many of the cardiac defects in the Ts16 mouse do not reflect the heart malformations seen in patients suffering from this chromosomal disorder [15].
  • X-linked recessive and chromosomal disorders presented the most difficulties in comprehension [16].
  • Causes of short stature are: Familial, idiopathic, delay in growth and maturation, chronic systemic illnesses, endocrinopathies, rickets, skeletal dysplasia, chromosomal disorders and emotional deprivation [17].


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