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The "big tent" of community psychology: reactions to Paul Toro's 2004 presidential address.

This article summarizes discussions that took place following Paul Toro's presidential address for the Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA). Toro argued that community psychology and SCRA are "big tents." He suggested growth through increasing the involvement of ethnic minorities, community practitioners, international colleagues, students and early career professionals and individuals from allied disciplines. Themes in the discussions included: the founding values of community psychology, diversity, and social action. Those present felt that the field was facing a 'mid-life crisis' and needed to re-establish its identity. Newer professionals looked to their seasoned colleagues to help define and establish that identity, and involve them in the process. Respondents were supportive of increased involvement of individuals from oppressed groups and practitioners in SCRA. Less attention was paid to increasing the role of international colleagues, professionals from allied disciplines, and members of the community.[1]


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