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Chemical Compound Review

Action     methyl2-[2-chloro-4-fluoro-5- [(7-oxo-8...

Synonyms: SureCN39080, SureCN8437784, SureCN9048322, HSDB 7270, AC1L3QET, ...
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Disease relevance of C10908


Psychiatry related information on C10908

  • Implementing the National Arthritis Action Plan: new population-based approaches to increasing physical activity among people with arthritis [6].
  • The present study aimed to ascertain the neuroanatomical basis of an influential neuropsychological model for upper limb apraxia [Rothi LJ, et al. The Neuropsychology of Action. 1997. Hove, UK: Psychology Press] [7].
  • RESULTS: The Stanford Nutrition Action Program classes showed significantly greater net improvements in nutrition knowledge (+7.7), attitudes (/0.2), and self-efficacy (-0.2) than the general nutrition classes; they also showed significantly greater reductions in the percentage of calories from total (-2.3%) and saturated (-0.9%) fat [8].
  • The 2004 National Action Plan for Tobacco Cessation recommended that the US Department of Health and Human Services convene a diverse group of experts to ensure that competency in tobacco dependence interventions be a core graduation requirement for all new physicians and other key health care professionals [9].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Anti-tobacco media campaigns are a vital component of the National Action Plan for Tobacco Cessation [10].

High impact information on C10908


Chemical compound and disease context of C10908


Biological context of C10908


Anatomical context of C10908


Associations of C10908 with other chemical compounds


Gene context of C10908

  • Concerted Action of Exonuclease and Gap-dependent Endonuclease Activities of FEN-1 Contributes to the Resolution of Triplet Repeat Sequences (CTG)n- and (GAA)n-derived Secondary Structures Formed during Maturation of Okazaki Fragments [36].
  • The International Consensus Meeting on the Mode of Action of COX-2 Inhibition (ICMMAC) brought together 17 international experts in arthritis, gastroenterology and pharmacology on 5 6 December 1997 [37].
  • The Concerted Action Polyp Prevention (CAPP) 1 Study is using a 2 x 2 factorial design to test the efficacy of resistant starch (30 g raw potato starch-Hylon VII (1:1, w/w)/d) and aspirin (600 mg/d) in suppressing colo-rectal adenoma formation in young subjects with FAP [38].
  • Using the multiplex PCR tubes of the BIOMED-2 Concerted Action, TCRB gene rearrangements were detected in 35% of childhood (n=161) and adult (n=172) precursor-B-ALL patients (Vbeta-(Dbeta)-Jbeta in 25%; Dbeta-Jbeta in 15%) [39].
  • The Committee of the European Concerted Action for Multiple Sclerosis (Charcot Foundation) organised five workshops to discuss CSF analytical standards in the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis [40].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of C10908


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