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Scleral suspension pars-plana lensectomy for ectopia lentis followed by suture fixation of intraocular lens.

PURPOSE: To describe a simple technique of scleral suspension-pars plana lensectomy (SS- PPL) in acquired and congenital ectopia lentis and scleral fixation of intraocular lens (IOL). MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twenty eyes of 16 patients (12 unilateral and 4 bilateral cases of "essential familial lens subluxation") aged 10-40 years (mean 25 years) underwent SS- PPL with implantation of scleral fixated IOL. Indications for surgery were best-corrected visual acuity < 6/18, bisection of pupil by the lens, and lens-induced glaucoma. Prerequisites for SS- PPL were, visibility of part of the lens in the pupillary area and soft lens. RESULTS: Postoperative visual acuity ranged from 6/6 - 6/36. Lens tilt in 3 cases(15%) and small decentration in 2 cases(10%) were seen; however these did not seriously compromise the visual result. Scant vitreous bleeding on the first postoperative day was seen in 3 cases (15%). CONCLUSION: The advantages of the scleral suspension of subluxated lens prior to lensectomy include stabilization; it allows proper viewing of the lens, avoids injury to the iris and ciliary body during lensectomy and reduces the possibility of dislocation of the lens.[1]


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