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Mass spectral analysis of chloropicrin under negative ion chemical ionization conditions.

A chemical ionization (CI) method is developed for the first time to obtain molecular weight information for chloropicrin (CP), which is used as a chemical warfare agent and as an insecticide. The study includes a detailed investigation on the behavior of CP under electron impact (EI) and CI. Reagent gases of different nature, i.e., methane, isobutane, ammonia, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide, were used for CI analysis. Negative ion mode is found more sensitive than positive ion mode for the EI/CI mass spectrometric analysis of CP, but none of the methods provided molecular weight information, except negative ion CI using ammonia as the reagent gas (NICI (NH(3))). The NICI (NH(3)) showed formation of the quasi-molecular ion, [M + H](-), in addition to other adduct ions. The [M + H](-) abundance critically depends on the source temperature, reagent gas pressure, and concentration of the analyte, and it can be 13% under optimized conditions by which CP can be confirmed unambiguously. This method meets the criteria used in official proficiency tests conducted by OPCW for confirming the molecular weight of the unknowns.[1]


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