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Co-expressed recombinant human Translin-Trax complex binds DNA.

Trax, expressed alone aggregates into insoluble complexes, whereas upon co-expression with Translin becomes readily soluble and forms a stable heteromeric complex ( approximately 430 kDa) containing both proteins at nearly equimolar ratio. Based on the subunit molecular weights, estimated by MALDI-TOF-MS, the purified complex appears to comprise of either an octameric Translin plus a hexameric Trax (calculated MW 420 kDa) or a heptamer each of Trax and Translin (calculated MW 425 kDa) or a hexameric Translin plus an octameric Trax (calculated MW 431 kDa). The complex binds single-stranded/double-stranded DNA. ssDNA gel-shifted complex shows both proteins at nearly equimolar ratio, suggesting that Translin "chaperones" Trax and forms heteromeric complex that is DNA binding competent.[1]


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