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Xerophthalmia and growth in preschool Indonesian children.

Approximately 4000 preschool children in West Java, Indonesia, were examined for xerophthalmia and weighed and measured at 3-mo intervals from March 1977 to December 1978. Children recovering from xerophthalmia over a 3-mo interval gained an average of 124 g (95% CI 42-206) more over 3 mo than normal children. Their height gain was similar to normal children's. Children who developed xerophthalmia during a 3-mo period gained 199 g (95% CI 114-313) less and grew 0.28 cm (95% CI 0.12, 0.44) less than their normal peers. Children with chronic xerophthalmia gained 120 g (95% CI 49-191) less and grew 0.21 cm (95% CI 0.05-0.37) less than normal children. These data suggest that linear and ponderal growth is adversely affected by chronic and incident xerophthalmia, but that catch-up ponderal growth is experienced by children recovering from xerophthalmia.[1]


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